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Note: This form is for regular memberships only. Please contact » the West Chatham Detachment if you would like to request an associate membership.

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I hereby apply for Membership in the Marine Corps League as a Regular Member of the West Chatham Detachment #1326, and enclose the Dues for one (1) year's membership. All memberships include a one-year subscription to SEMPER FI, the Marine Corps League magazine. Dues are $35.00 per year. Checks should be made payable to West Chatham Det. 1326 MCL.

I hereby certify that I am currently serving or have served honorably in the U.S. Marine Corps, on active duty, for not less than ninety (90) days* or have served or am currently serving in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve and I have earned no less than ninety (90) Reserve Retirement Credit Points or that I have served or am currently serving as a U.S. Navy Corpsman who has trained with Marine FMF units in excess of ninety (90) days and earned the Marine Corps Device or Warfare Device worn on the Service Ribbon authorized for FMF Corpsmen. If discharged, I am in receipt of an honorable discharge or DD-214. By signature on this application, I hereby agree to provide proof of honorable service/discharge upon request. *(Korean War Era Marines see National Bylaws Article 6, Section 600). Further, I hereby authorize Marine Corps League Headquarters to request a copy of my DD-214 from the National Personnel Records Center (NPRC) if necessary.

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Oath of Membership — Regular Members


in the presence of Almighty God, do solemnly swear or affirm that I will uphold and defend the Constitution and Laws of the United States of America and the Marine Corps League. I will never knowingly deceive or defraud the League to the value of anything. I will never knowingly wrong or injure or permit any member or any member's family to be wronged or injured if to prevent the same is within my power. I will never propose for membership one known to me to be unqualified or unworthy to become a member of the League. I further promise to govern my conduct in the League's affairs and in my personal life in such a manner becoming a decent and honorable person and will never knowingly bring discredit to the League, so help me God.

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Upon completion, please send your dues to:
West Chatham Det. 1326
Attn: Dale Saunders, Paymaster
288 Silver Brook Circle
Pooler, GA 31322